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How can banks make life easier for their corporates clients?

By Jacco de Jong, Global Head of Sales, Bolero International Corporates engaged in international trade are all too frequently stuck with manual methods despite advancing digitisation in many other areas of professional life. This manual…
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The standards debate continues – Why you need to digitise your trade processes now

By Jacco De Jong, Global Head of Sales, Bolero International Digitisation of global trade has gained greater urgency since the pandemic but its still a long way off. So many processes still rely on paper documents such as bills of lading…
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eBLs; the decades old innovation changing today’s game.

The first use of paper was in China in the 2nd Century BC, and it wasn't widely used by Europeans until centuries later. Paper was certainly a much better medium for recording your shipping consignments than bamboo, silk, or other fibres. Today,…
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How treasuries can cut through the paper mountain and better manage credit facilities.

Corporate treasury departments responsible for managing transactions and credit facilities with banks and insurance providers are facing a raft of challenges, which the past two years have put into ever-sharper focus. Many treasurers still…
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Four Things Banks Must Look Out For When Upgrading Their Client Portals

The pandemic had previously put a break on impending SWIFT Releases that were originally penciled in for 2020. When those were pushed back to November 2021, that was a welcome deferment to allow financial institutions to ready themselves for…
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4 Benefits of The Electronic Bill of Lading That Should Increase Utilisation

The electronic bill of lading (eBL) is already enabling trade counterparties to get their hands on cargoes days faster, freeing up working capital along the global supply chain. The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) estimate that…
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Part 2: The next frontier of digital trade finance – Galileo TPaaS for Banks

Anchal Tiwari, Head of Products For more than 2 decades, Bolero has been at the forefront of Trade digitisation. We have been working with largest corporate clients, banks, and shipping companies to digitise their trade processes and identify…
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Our journey with Galileo, the biggest leap in trade finance digitisation yet, pt.1

Anchal Tiwari, Head of Products Over the course of the last 20 years, international trade has expanded massively with goods and services traded globally now accounting for over 60% of the global gross domestic product.  Although…
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Corporates are shifting to multi-bank platforms – and taking all the credit

Large corporate organisations engaged in international trade face many difficulties when managing credit lines and guarantees provided by multiple banks. Costs and fees can soon mount up as central visibility and control over thousands…

Societe Generale India selects Bolero to digitise LC transactions for major exporter

Societe Generale India has used the Bolero platform to switch from traditional paper-based trade processes, digitising transactions for a major exporter, transferring documents electronically for speedier settlement. In doing so, Societe…