Andrew Raymond, CEO

As the new CEO of Bolero, I am excited about the opportunities presented to Bolero and I look forward to working with our team to address the challenges the company faces to make the most of the market potential.

Bolero finds itself at the centre of the major trends in both the trade finance and shipping arenas.  We can see that all around the globe, carriers, corporates and banks have grasped the necessity for being digital.  Their clients demand digitisation of documents and workflows and the competition for clients revolves around providing a digital end-to-end experience.  With a universally-recognised messaging solution and a proven track record in trade document digitisation and maritime law, we are well-placed to help all the participants.

I look forward to bringing forward new applications which leverage our know-how, technology base, reputation and legal constructs (the rule book).  Distributed ledger is taking off and our partnerships with innovators such as R3 are paying dividends.  We have a unique capability to interoperate between platforms and blockchains and this is becoming an important issue with the proliferation of these initiatives.

With these advantages and using my previous experience of taking innovative products to market I am leading the initiatives to deliver new applications and more value to our customers. This is a point that I am really passionate about. Technology companies must address customer needs and not just a technology challenge. This is why we are adopting a two-pronged strategy that addresses market needs more closely than ever. Firstly, we will be building new applications. Those applications will be directly relevant to our user-base, transforming efficiency and making their lives easier.

Secondly, we will develop new partnerships.  Our partnerships with vendors and integrators, and especially with carriers and forwarders, will mean more trading portals have “Bolero inside”. Partnerships build on our unique ability to deliver transformational interoperability between current platforms and emerging blockchain technologies.

The result will be that if you are a shipper, carrier or forwarder, you are more likely to be using Bolero technology in future, even if it doesn’t have our name on it. You’ll know because of the outstanding functionality and features of the applications and the security and efficiency of the messaging. A new Bolero will emerge, leveraging our many strengths and the talents of our great team.

It’s why I say great times are ahead for Bolero, and I’m thrilled to be at the helm as we speed ahead at the forefront of trade digitisation.