Anchal Tiwari, Head of Products

Global trade is on the cusp of a major digital transformation. Exporters, importers, banks and carriers are continuously trying to streamline paper-intensive operational processes, seeking safer, smarter and faster digital solutions.

While the industry is buzzing with options such as distributed ledger technology, AI/NLP, RPA etc., in reality most organisations still find digitisation a bridge that is difficult to cross. The industry in itself has come a long way with governments and trade bodies taking steps to create and foster trade ecosystems. Yet the lack of ubiquity and interoperability in these disparate initiatives still remains a challenge for businesses.

We at Bolero, are pleased to announce the launch of Galileo, our brand new platform for digital trade that seeks to solve some of these key challenges. Galileo has been designed to keep the customer experience central, enabling seamless interactive digital conversations. It is truly open and ecosystem-ready; the only digital platform that enables the convergence of physical and financial supply chain by incorporating multi-banking capability with eBL flows.

In the new platform, corporate clients will be able to access all Bolero services through a single user interface, get end-to-end visibility of their transactions and connect with their counterparties and multiple banks.

Banks will have a consolidated view of transactions across different clients and will be able to connect the new platform with their back-office systems through APIs.

With Galileo’s modern and open architecture, Bolero will provide value-added services to clients through pre-integrated partner solutions. Document pre-check is one such service that we are adding in partnership with Traydstream. As trade technology evolves, clients can expect new services to be added much in the same way as an app store.

Galileo has been designed in collaboration with our customers spanning corporates , carriers and banks and brings together the collective mindshare from over two decades of trade experience and industry-wide expertise. It redefines the user experience and promises to deliver much more  functionality.

With the new Galileo platform, we have future-proofed digitisation to make it more accessible, more connected and fully capable of integration with critical third-party applications. Galileo will provide access to the best of the world’s evolving trade eco-systems, where interoperability opens the door to new solutions and new services.

Personally, working on Galileo has been a very fulfilling experience. You can read the exclusive interview that Global Trade Review did with Andrew Raymond and myself. Inviting more conversations around Galileo at